The formal process of assessment and audit of a Management System undertaken by an accredited Certification Body to verify it’s conformance to the specifications of an International Standard.

Why Accredited Certification?

Certification Body accreditation by IAA ensures that they are regularly assessed against internationally recognised standards to demonstrate their competence, impartiality and performance capability in undertaking Management Systems Certifications against the specifications of International Standards.





Certification and Global Trade

Certification is applied on a worldwide basis to facilitate the breaking down of technical barriers to trade. It is important for suppliers of goods and services to be assessed and audited by independent accredited Certification Bodies to ensure their Management Systems conform to International Standards.

World trading agreements e.g. compliance with EU Directives and the WTO TBT (World Trade Organisation Technical Barriers to Trade) Agreement further enforces the importance of the work undertaken by accredited Certification Bodies.

Certification is a legal requirement in certain industries and many tenders and contracts require suppliers to have certified quality management systems in place.

Benefits of Certifications

Certification ensures that appropriate management systems are meet relevant international standards thereby, ensuring consistency of products and services being produced and supplied through the implementation of continuous quality assurance processes.

IAA accredited Certification Bodies, give confidence to suppliers, customers and consumers of certified companies. Companies of all sizes and industry sectors choose independent certifications either through choice to reduce the risk, or as a consequence of legal requirements such as health and safety regulations. The most common certifications are those covering quality management systems.

IAA Accreditation Symbol

The IAA symbol of accreditation is only available to accredited Certification Bodies. This Mark allows prospective users of accredited certification services to gain significant competitive advantage over their competitors:

  • More satisfied Customers
  • Lower costs and wastage
  • Higher profits
  • Able to meet Tender and Contractual requirements
  • Compliance with Supply Chains
  • Market access for companies wishing to export to other countries
  • Due Diligence through external independent assessment and audit